Cambridge green roof policy workshop and seminar


Cambridge green roof policy workshop and seminar

GIC recently provided a seminar/workshop for Cambridge City Council on green roofs.  The council sees green roofs as an important element within the new the local plan. Therefore, with GIC’s skill and knowledge of green roofs the purpose of the day was to help frame how to take this policy forward. GIC has been instrumental in developing policies elsewhere. Especially in London. More recently we have been working on the urban green space factor for the Greater London Authority and the City of London.

Cambridge green roof policy - green roof visit

Planners enjoying the view from the David Attenborough Building

Cambridge green roof policy Seminar

The day covered a whole range of topics and issues. These included the benefits of green roofs and examples. However, there was also a focus on positive examples of planning conditions in London and elsewhere.

A visit to the nearby David Attenborough Building was also a perfect complement to the workshop. This is a green roof with solar panels that we design and specified in 2015. It is a great example of how good green roofs can be transformational for cities.

The new local plan includes policy 31 – Integrated water management and the water cycle

Cambridge green roof policy - document

Any flat roof is a green or brown roof, providing that it is acceptable in terms of its context in the historic environment of Cambridge (see Policy 62: Conservation and Enhancement of Cambridge’s Historic Environment) and the structural capacity of the roof if it is a refurbishment. Green or brown roofs should be widely used in large-scale new communities.

With a focus on water management, we also highlighted the benefits of combining green roofs with blue roofs. Furthermore, renewable energy is a key element in the plan. So we were able to highlight the biosolar combination.  As the David Attenborough Building’s roof also combines solar and green this was a perfect example of the synergy between the technologies.

biosolar roof - Cambridge green roof policy

Green roof with integrated solar panels

One of the city’s principle planners said it was the best CPD event she’d been on. So if you are a local authority looking to implement green roof policies perhaps a seminar and a workshop from GIC would be useful. So contact us.

GIC has been at forefront of shaping green roof policies and approaches for last 15 years. We are sure our work with the council will see many more green roofs appear in the city. Especially ones that deliver across the sustainability agenda. In our view the ultimate green roof should be one that delivers for biodiversity, solar energy and water management.

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