Green Sky Thinking


Green Sky Thinking

Green Sky Thinking is a week of talks held in London next week. In partnership with Cundalls and Bere Architects, GIC’s Dusty Gedge will do a real green sky thinking talk. He is involved with an innovative pan-European Project. The project is the promotion, training and education on biosolar roofs.

Green Sky Thinking Biosolar Roofs

Biosolarroof – The Future of Roofs

Renewable Energy

GIC has been involved with a number of projects in London, where Green Infrastructure has been combined with renewable energy, On roofs. The use of solar panels on roofs is widespread in countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Most building professionals may know that solar can be installed on roofs, but most would think they could not be installed on green roofs. This is far from the case. The combination can be beneficial to both the solar panels and the green roof. The cooling effect of the green roofs can increased energy production. Now that is Green Sky Thinking.

Pollinators and Biodiversity

Green Sky thinking green roof

Green Sky thinking – biosolar green roof and rain garden

Solar panels on a green roof can also, with careful design increase biodiversity on a green roof. Solar panels can actually create areas of shade and moisture. These areas can increase the flora diversity of a roof and therefore the fauna. Pollinators are increasingly important issue across UK and Europe. Research in both UK and Switzerland (and recently in Austria) shows that well designed green roofs can help pollinators.

Ecosystem Services

The biosolar roof approach also delivers the full range of ecosystem service benefits that green roofs provide.

  • stormwater amelioration
  • reduction in Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Noise and air pollution
  • Visual amenity
  • Thermal benefits

All these help deliver the wider green infrastructure and ecosystem services agenda in Cities in both the Uk and Europe. And beyond.

Now that is real green sky thinking.

Green Sky Thinking – Breathe Easy

The talk will be held at the Mayville Centre in North London between 08.30 and 10.00. It will include a chance to look at the green roof and solar panels on the building.

GIC is pleased to have been offered the chance to speak by Cundall’s, whose Alan Fogarty will be starting the event. Cundall’s have an professional interest in using plants to improve air quality and productivity in buildings. Both Dusty and Alan are pleased to be joined by Justin Bere of Bere Architects. Justin is a leading architect working to deliver certified Passivhaus non-domestic retrofit in UK. The Mayville Centre is the first community centre Passivhaus in the UK.

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