plants at work celebrating #plantsatworkweek

Plants at work week –#plantsatworkweek organised by European Federation of Indoor Landscape Groups aims to celebrate the use of plants at work – in offices and other work spaces.  Here at GIC we would argue that both Indoor and outdoor plants are of benefit in and outside the workspace.

Benefits of Interior Planting – plants at work

Interior planting is often characterised as a form of interior decoration, however there are many benefits associated with interior planting, including improved air quality and healthier humidity levels. People have been found to be calmer and happier wth plants around and firms have even reported higher job satisfaction and lower staff turnover in offices with interior planting. It is easy to put individual plants here and there in any home or office, however a living wall can transform what might otherwise be a dreary space. In addition there are now living walls which actively remove pollutants by drawing air through the growing medium. The picture shows the 7m high interior living wall overlooking  the recreation and relaxation area at the offices of The Lancet at 125 London Wall. So plants at work lead to healthier internal spaces and happier staff

Benefits of Exterior Planting – plants at work


Office workers can also benefit for visual access to plants at work. Green roofs and walls on buildings can significantly improve the health and well being of citizens and staff. The green roofs can be physically accessible to staff, if they are parks and gardens,  for relaxation and informal meetings. Inaccessible green roofs can also be of benefit too if they are overlooked. Viewing plants at work can relieve stress and also help increase productivity.

Plants outside can also engage staff in direct contact with vegetation such as food growing. This can enhance the work life experience. The picture below is a small food growing area on a high end building in London – GIC has designed a number of such gardens for businesses in London.

rooftop food growing London
Food growing on roofs of offices can improve work life balance.

So plants are not just for inside buildings, we should be clothing them with plants and soil as well.


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