Green Infrastructure Policy & Guidance

Local government, agencies and utility companies come to GIC for assistance in drafting policy and guidance documents relating to urban greening, roof greening, sustainable drainage and climate change adaptation. Our clients include the Environment Agency, the Mayor of London (we wrote London’s living roof policy), the City of Westminster, the RSPB, Bat Conservation Trust and the HSY (Helsinki Metropolitan water company), amongst others

Mayor of London – Green Space Factor

As part of the background work on the new London Plan, working with The Ecology Consultancy and Temple Group, GIC recently undertook a review of Green Space Factor schemes operated in major cities across the world. Green Space Factor schemes assign scores to planning proposals and set targets, which enable planners to make simple and reliable assessments of the extent and functionality of green infrastructure. These schemes have already proven their worth in several cities, including Berlin and Washington DC, driving up the quality of green infrastructure in development. We held a workshop at City Hall and drafted a report recommending that London adopts its own scheme, targeting places where particularly dense development will benefit from a closer look at future green infrastructure provision.

Green Infrastructure Policy & Guidance - Green Space Factor
Chobham Manor
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Green roof inspections and sign offs are becoming increasing important

Green roof inspections and sign offs are becoming increasing important

Green roof inspections are becoming increasingly important. Inspections are now being required by planning authorities, especially in London, to ensure that a green roof fulfils planning conditions. So where does GIC come in? Firstly,  GIC specialises in detailed green roof specifications. This gets it right from the start. And secondly we have a track record… Read More

Green infrastructure factor – a tool for landscape planning

The Green infrastructure factor is a tool to ensure landscape is properly considered in planning urban development. The Greater London Authority (GLA) is considering incorporating the factor into the new London Plan. Last year GIC worked on a report for the GLA with TEC and Temple Group. Although the green space factor (GSF) maybe a more familiar term,  the green… Read More

The Greening Permit In Paris

The Greening Permit In Paris

Gardening in the streets of Paris? That’s allowed! Since June 30, 2015, the Paris Greening Permit has provided 2500 people with an opportunity to get involved in greening the city. Thanks to this new programme, every Parisian can become a gardener for a local, otherwise barren, site of their choice. There are almost no limits… Read More